Elizabeth Smiroldo

Elizabeth is a nuclear engineer by training, specializing in safety, security, and nonproliferation.  Her degrees include a BS in Engineering from the University of Maryland, MBA from Mount Saint Mary’s University, and MA in International Security Studies from Trinity University.  Prior to joining the Foundation, she held engineering positions in the private sector, eventually combining her technical, policy, and foreign language expertise to work with more than 30 countries, training government and industry leaders in nonproliferation export controls.  She later served in positions of increasing responsibility for the federal government, including as International Relations Officer, Acting Branch Chief, and Senior International Policy Analyst.


Elizabeth brings her love of learning and research to the Foundation, along with insights gained from life as a global citizen during her years abroad.  Moreover, her parents immigrated from Italy where they faced hard times.  The American Dream wasn’t just a slogan in her family—it was real.  At this time in her career, Elizabeth is fulfilling a life-long dream to focus her energies on giving back.