History of the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation

The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation continues a multi-generational history of family philanthropy. It evolved from the Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation, established in 1962, and the Kathryn W. Davis Foundation, established in 2004.


Both Shelby and Kathryn earned their doctorates in International Relations from the University of Geneva.


Shelby, an author and successful investment banker, was the longest serving American ambassador to Switzerland. His wife, Kathryn Wasserman Davis, was an author, community leader, and renowned lecturer in Russian affairs. She took up art at age 95 and exhibited at juried shows.


Today, their daughter, Diana Davis Spencer, serves as president and chairman of the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation. A journalist and activist, Diana leads the foundation and directs its grant-making efforts.


Abby Spencer Moffat, Diana’s daughter, serves as the foundation’s chief executive¬†officer. A former business leader and entrepreneur, she serves on several boards and oversees the foundation’s day-to-day operations.