Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Public Policy

A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.

— Dwight Eisenhower

Sound public policy encourages entrepreneurship and protects individual liberty. With these principles under attack, smart policies are needed now more than ever.


A constantly expanding federal government threatens the freedoms of both states and citizens. Excessive regulations prevent entrepreneurs from creating and growing the small businesses that drive the economy.


The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation is committed to downsizing government and opening markets, so all Americans can reach their potential. That’s why we support institutes and think tanks that are researching, developing, and advocating less intrusive laws and regulations.


For example, the Institute for Justice intertwines public policy, education, and free enterprise. They’ve been very successful cutting through government regulations, and recently helped defend a group of monks whose handmade casket business was being strangled by unfair regulations.


Likewise, the National Right to Work has empowered employees to fight back against discriminatory laws that force them to join unions against their will. The Heritage Foundation has promoted free enterprise, limited government solutions for decades.


We’re empowering leaders who are committed to implementing policies that embody our founding principles.