Education: Then and Now


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

— Benjamin Franklin

Education is the gateway to opportunity. A world-class education system ensures a vibrant, entrepreneurial economy, strengthens national security and public policy, and instills America’s founding values in the next generation of citizens.


The foundation is proud to support education initiatives from pre-school up through adulthood. We support programs, such as KIPP, NFTE, City Year, Turnaround for Children, and Teach for America, that offer resources to low-performing schools in high poverty areas.


Grants also provide programs for children and adults with learning challenges in schools such as Chapel Haven and Maplebrook. Veteran programs include Special Ops Warrior Foundation and Warrior-Scholar Project.


We’re particularly excited to work with organizations, such as AppleTree Institute for Education Innovation and After-School All-Stars that pioneer innovative new approaches to educational challenges.