Daniel Morgan, Washington’s Strategist

National Security

Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.

— John Adams

America faces unprecedented threats to its national security. Terrorism endangers citizens at home and abroad. Rising powers seek to challenge America’s interests and values. And technological advances have given rise to cyber-attacks which could cripple critical energy, financial, and communications infrastructure.


As Americans, we must bolster our national security to safeguard our freedoms and economic prosperity.


We’re proud to have launched the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security, a selective Washington, D.C. graduate school educating the future leaders of America’s national security community. It offers open source materials and case studies taught by professionals from the CIA, FBI, and DIA. The academy frequently amplifies its impact through partnerships with other security-minded organizations.


The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation is committed to funding and spearheading initiatives that give defense and intelligence leaders the tools they need to keep America safe and strong.